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Powderpuff or Hairless?
  When looking for a Chinese crested puppy many people automatically think hairless.  Whether it's the cute pony look of the hairless or the adorable and often underrated powderpuff that draws you to them... If you’ve got your heart set on a Chinese crested but want some more details I have put some information together so people can see some differences between the ownership of a powderpuff and a hairless. I’m not an expert or anything these are just my personal observations and things I've learned through my years of owning this breed.
Hairless and powderpuffs come in the same litter. Hairless come in varieties ranging from true hairless, with sparse hair on their feet, tail, and head with minimal to no shaving of the body, to hairy hairless with a layer of sparser hair that grows over the entire body. The hairy hairless will have thicker and often longer furnishings and they will require a great deal more grooming including shaving. Then you get the happy medium which I’m going to take a leap and say most show breeders long for. Most amount of hair with the least amount of grooming = a happy breeder.

​​A Hairy Hairless in need of a groom.

The genetic mutation in a CC’s DNA that causes hairlessness also causes teeth problems. If you take good care of their teeth things will go better for you as with any dog, but expect to be taking your hairless Crested in to get their teeth cleaned  at  some  point.   You  can  also  expect  missing  teeth 
including canines or small deformed teeth. This is normal and usually does not impact their day to day life.

These very flashy little guys are hard to miss if you ever take one into the park (or any populated area) expect people coming up to you and asking all about your puppy.

No Flash Photography Please!

As I mentioned already I definitely feel powderpuffs are underrated. My first crested was a hairless but when I got my first puff I definitely fell in love with them. I find them to be very beautiful and elegant looking especially when their coat is in nice condition. ​
​​When their coat is kept long it requires daily brushing or it will become matted. I personally bathe my dogs once a week (or more if you are trying to keep a show coat in pristine condition). For people who are just looking for a pet it is common to see powderpuffs in the hairless clip or other cute clips.
Without the hairless gene powderpuffs do not have any teeth problems but, as with many toy breeds and I guess dogs in general it is recommended to brush them to keep them in good condition.

Many think that the hairless variety are hypoallergenic. The truth is, no dog is truly hypoallergenic but as with  
other non-shedding breeds such as the  Poodle  or  the Maltese, Chinese Cresteds, including the powderpuff are non-shedding which produce less dander which is the main cause of pet allergies for people. So if you are an allergy sufferer both the hairless and powderpuff may work for you.

Powderpuff in a pet clip.

Final Thoughts...
Whether you decide on a hairless or a powderpuff Chinese crested you can be sure that they will be gentle and loving companions, who enjoy spending time with you.  Chinese Cresteds are good for families although, like any small breed, they need to be supervised with young children. They are a very versatile breed, they love to walk when you want to go for a walk, or run… or not walk or run as they are also known for being couch potatoes when the mood fits. Temperament wise Chinese Cresteds are very friendly but can sometimes be timid and need lots of socialization as a puppy. I take all of my puppies to training classes which help them socialize with other dogs and people and I highly recommend it. I suggest anyone looking into a Chinese crested puppy, look into local puppy training classes as well.

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